Our secure payment explained


Murphy Furniture uses Stripe as our payment application. Our payments are handled by the secure platform Stripe

Stripe forces a secure https connection and utilises industry standard AES-256 encryption at every step of your transaction. This ensures the most secure process possible from start to finish.

Amex, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa are the required card types for use to ensure an extra level of security. To further enhance security, no card details are saved on our website after a transaction has been completed.

We accept Credit and Debit cards with the above-mentioned card types. They all use the same security features therefore you will always be secure.

Https is an abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is accompanied by a lock symbol in the website address. This is more secure than the standard http websites.

Encryption ensures that while your data is travelling between your device and the servers it is much harder for hackers to read the data. Imagine it as obscuring the view of text with a solid wall instead of glass.

Having no card data stored in our system after the transaction’s completion ensures that even in an unlikely data breach, you are still safe from loss of personal data.

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