I have a husband who suffers from back ache which was caused by an unfortunate and rather dreadful sports injury. There is little that can be done to diminish the pain caused by this devastating injury however we have noticed substantial improvements in his comfort and sleep by purchasing a new mattress to meet his needs. I decided to share my knowledge and research to hopefully assist someone else in a similar situation. I also felt it important to give you some input as to best spots to shop for furniture online, my favorite being Fitzwilliam Bedding Company. I also saw a variety of different mattresses on Murphy Furniture website which offers a several options to chose from in terms of high quality and fair prices.

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I realise that not only has James, my husband, benefited from the purchase of a new mattress but so have I. It has been said that a mattress has a shelf life and I did not take this seriously, initially. I now realise how true this is. Our mattress looked perfect and didn’t seem to need to be replaced when I looked at it from the outside. The outside of the mattress was clean and did not look worn at all. I had ensured to keep it perfectly clean by using a good quality mattress protector. What I didn't realise was that over the years, the inner workings of the mattress had deteriorated considerably. The foam and other materials inside had broken down, compromising its ability to support our bodies.

I recognised the fact that we spend a third of every day sleeping on our beds at night-time and that if I was honest with myself and recognised the importance of sleep and quality thereof, then I needed to be sure to invest in a quality mattress to ensure that we wake with a fresh start and are ready to face the hours that we are awake and the many stresses we carry with energy. 

A doctor once explained that a mattress that reduces the pressure points on your body should give you a better night's sleep. It is important to know that the ideal mattress is different for each person. There are fine capillaries that run underneath your skin and when one lies on any part of your body for a long period of time the the weight of ones body reduces the flow of blood through these blood vessels which ultimately prevents the skin from receiving the necessary oxygen and nutrients that it desperately needs. This lack of oxygen also causes the nerve cells and pain sensors in ones skin to send a message to ones brain for one to roll over. 

Once one has rolled over then the blood flow will be restored therefore restoring the flow of oxygen and nutrients. 

So, how did I decide which mattress is right for us? 

murphy furniture, furniture dublin, furniture wexford, furniture carlow, furniture naas, furniture gorey, bed, beds, furniture ireland

When I researched the variety of mattress available I noticed a great selection of furniture online at Murphy Furniture. This is a great furniture store and the closest branch to me is the one based in Dublin. I made sure to find something that would feel comfortable in every position that we lay, especially the side we favour sleeping on, my right side and James’ left! I believe that my mattress should be supportive where I need it, without putting too much pressure on my body and more especially to ensure that James can awaken feeling less pain. 

With James’ back pain troubles, it was important to find a mattress that wasn’t too hard otherwise it would have placed a lot of pressure on his sacrum, shoulders and on the back of his head. If it was too soft, he would sink too low and not have sufficient support. We were able to find a mattress that had a medium-firm mattress. This was a support and cushioning that was perfect for James and comfortable for me too. 

Whether you require a coil mattress or one with memory foam, whether you require hypoallergenic or a specific finish, be sure to take a look at the options that are available at Fitzwilliam Bedding Company, a furniture store that offers more than your average service and expertise! . 

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