Would you like to know the latest trend in sofas? At Murphy Furniture we have seen what our customers are doing with couches and it seems that settees are spreading. Our customers repurpose furniture all the time and lately they have been putting sofas in very interesting places. Do you want to hear more?

There are sofa spots popping up all over Irish houses. People are putting sofas to work in their homes in a number of new ways. We might inspire you to create a sofa sweet spot.

What we know about sofas from customers - sofas suit snoozes

There is an argument that goes - “If you want to go to bed, go to bed”. Why would you choose a settee snooze over a lie down in bed?

Our lovely customers have many reasons for wanting to stretch out on their sofas. Are you telling me you don’t? Plenty of our customers are on their feet working hard all day, front liners, farmers, shop staff. We have a fabulous range of recliners just begging you to take a load off and put your feet up. 

Grandparents can use the sofa snooze as code. A couch sleep means “Wake me up if you need a babysitter.” A snooze in the bedroom means Granny needs some rest. Let her be.  

Sleep is elusive for many people and if passing out on the settee with the telly on is your route into the land of nod, we can show you some cushy couches such as the lovely long Aileen sofa.  

Aileen Sofa

What the experts say - sofas are not just for sitting room

The magazines and websites tend to show sofas in living room settings. There is no shortage of info about choosing the main sitting room sofa and we are not getting into that here. We are talking about the other sofa locations that are popping up around our customers’ homes. The living room sofa is king. It remains an important purchase. We have seen that people are buying sofas for kitchens, bedrooms and hallways now as they adapt to our new reality.

What we know about sofas from customers - sofas suit kitchens

The kitchen sofa seems to be an emerging mini trend. It’s certainly something people have started to do in the 2020’s. How we entertain is changing. We often ponder whether the sofa or the kitchen table is the true heart of an Irish home. Nowadays a sofa in the corner of a kitchen can allow guests to keep their distance and chat while you stir pans and set the table. So is the kitchen couch the new heart of the home?

Things To Look For When Buying A Sofa for your kitchen

This is uncharted territory. Measure the space carefully and come and have a look at our smaller sofas. Young couples entertaining friends are open-minded about what their pals sit on. This sofa choice is not as big a deal as the choice of the living room settee. There is no one size fit all and trying before you buy is advised. 

One customer came in to buy a large corner recliner for the kitchen! Can you believe it? She had been inspired by the modern day majlis she had seen in Dubai. Lounging on oversized, super-long sofas suits the heat of the Middle East and now lounging around suits Ireland too.  

Hotel layout

What we know about sofas from customers - sofas suit bedrooms

Bedrooms are changing. As we are required to be at home more than before, bedrooms are changing their role. We’ve talked before about seating areas in bedrooms giving grown ups a place to chillax.  

We’ve recently seen that teens at home are looking for sofas too. The bedroom used to be for sleep, solitude and study. Now youngsters need a mini-apartment where they can entertain the friends who make up their pod. Choosing a sofa for the bedroom will help them cope with these strange times.

Tips on buying a sofa for your bedroom

The master bedroom is a precious space and we have written already about how decor should inspire calm and sleepiness. Stick to the bedroom colour scheme or pick a neutral couch that can be accessorized with cushions and throws. Keeping the duvet cover and cushions coordinated keeps the space calm.  

Tips on buying a sofa for your child’s bedroom

Children’s rooms are often free-for-all in terms of decor. Posters, teddies and clutter are the norm. Measure the space and grab a bargain couch. Look out for sales.

What we know about sofas from customers - sofas suit hallways

People are repurposing their homes and adapting to being at home more and out less. Hallways used to have coat racks, shoe storage and a console table. That suited the comings and goings of people coming in from work, shops or schools. There is less traffic in hallways these days and if the space allows then a sofa can be a nice way to make a hallway into a welcoming area.   

Tips on Buying A Sofa for your hallway

Measure up and think about your hallway and who is likely to be in it. Parents of children have to juggle the members of their Covid safety groups. A waiting area when a childminder can sit and wait for their super spreaders is not quite the Irish welcome we are known for but it beats loitering outdoors.


Tips on buying A Sofa Bed

Tips? You should be so lucky! This is not a time for overthinking. Sofa beds in Ireland are up there with office desks. They are rare and precious. If you see one, measure up quickly, give it the once over and march briskly to the till.  

A last word of choosing a sofa to love

The fun is that everyone is different and you are allowed to do whatever works for you. We have told you how some of our customers are making their homes happier by putting sofas in unexpected places.  

Maybe your house has a little corner where you can place a sweet sofa to create a snuggly spot and a happy place. 

Why not take a look at the stylish sofas on our website. Any sofa can be delivered to your door for free nationwide.

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