Online shopping fun, some joys of lockdown!

Everyone has their story to tell of their experience during lockdown and many include the frustrations of not being able to go further than 5kms or if they do manage a little further out, it is for milk and bread and the delight of enjoying a chat with the local teller at Tesco or Aldi. It is almost a year since this all started and it still seems hard to fathom that we have had to sacrifice so much, and yet, done so happily, for the sake of us all, as a community.

Online Shopping

With a recent extension to the already endless lock down experience, I realise that there are certain things that I can only find online at the moment and that redecorating a living space has its challenges. I love to feel the textures of fabric and the density of scatter cushions when browsing home-ware shops and so I find myself longing to feel those experiences once again. 

Having said that, I am thankful, especially that modern technology allows for a practical way of shopping online, sourcing and buying items that I am looking for, with ease and great satisfaction at the click of a button. I delight when my friendly postman knocks at the door and leaves a parcel for me to unpack. I get a second wave of “shoppers-satisfaction” and so called “retail therapy” at that point. 

Finding the Jack-Pot!!!

Searching online can be a task and often I find there are too many options and too many websites to choose from. I have, more often than not, defaulted to other popular Irish furniture stores when browsing for ideas. Recently, however, I noticed regular specials and great value on quality products at one particular site and will share this newfound favourite with you. Now, if asked which online shop is my favourite, then, I have to say, it is most definitely Murphy Furniture's website. They consistently offer better value and have wide ranges to select from. 

I have started to re-do my living space, by slowly buying a few items each month and have painted the walls of our living area, white. Some may consider this to be a boring option but there is method to my madness, and you will understand a little more as you read further and discover my interior decorating plans and ideas. 

With me spending so much time researching for the ultimate sales and bargains, I noted that Ikea was a popular option for some but I have found Murphy Furniture, and their website really user friendly and easy to navigate with regular sales items to tickle my bargain-hunting fetish. 

Prioritising my interior decorating journey on a budget

For me, the most important step, whilst online shopping for furniture or other, is to make sure to decide on colour schemes before I even log in online! 

I have always liked to keep the majority of my room to a neutral shade and then incorporate colours by choosing bright and fun scatter cushions, rugs and wall deco. 

We have a little home at the coast which is amazing in the Summer. It is one of those homes that makes allowances for sandy feet and wet costumes … a certain point. I, therefore, try not to have too many items that are too precious as it is a home that is well lived in. 

So, imagine a white and blue themed living or kitchen area to fit in with the “Beach House" theme. There are several ranges offering few new pieces that seem to blend together to make it feel cozy with a fresh appeal. 

Beach HouseOf course, the budget has been tight and especially now, so I tend to buy an item per month or every second month, depending. I have chosen this month’s shopping online item to be a wall feature of sorts, either a clock or a picture that will brighten up the space, something with a shade of blue to make the feature pop.

We have an open plan kitchen flowing into the tv / living area and our current dining table is due to be replaced and have had my eye on their Antwerpen extending dining table in larico pine and white.

The next item that I have my eye on is the Balin 2 drawer coffee table. I love that it has storage for the TV remote and the other odds and ends that make the room seem more organised than if left on top of the coffee table. 

My absolute favourite item that I have bought to-date, off the website is the grey Oslo three seater recliner sofa.

 It goes against my neutral theme, but it is a feature and stand-out piece that I adore. 

The website offers free delivery which was perfect because I don’t have a truck to transport such heavy items home but if you have the transport then I would opt for the “Click and Collect" option. This would be perfect for you and it is free. Bonus!

In fact, I found out there are loads of flat pack furniture options to choose from, so “Click and Collect” could be your easiest option if you want it the same day.

I am going to be helping my best friend with the décor for her new baby room and cannot wait to share some ideas with her! Let me know your colour and theme ideas for a boy’s room and your favourite online shop. 

Also, please comment below and let me know what you think of Murphy Furniture and their brand new website! 

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