Getting Sleep Savvy!


Murphy Furniture Christmas Sale for mattresses and bedframes are currently running, and what fun would it be if there wasn’t a little something extra for your purchases? 

Your Bed or Mattress Needs - Buy Online

Visit our online shop in your search for quality mattresses and beds. We have a wide range of bedframes and mattresses which are supplied in different sizes. If you’re stuck for what kind of mattress to choose, why not use our Mattress Guide feature? 

Our Mattress Guide

If you are searching for a mattress that fits your medical needs or allergy preferences, there’s no need to fret. Our Mattress Guide is accessible on the Mattress page. We have made it super easy to find mattresses that accommodates requirements for medical conditions such as asthma, eczema, back pain and snoring. Maybe you have certain sleeping issues such as being a light sleeper, getting cold or hot at night? What about being taller than average? We also have a section for a mattress for the guest room that ensures your family and friends feel totally at home! Our mattresses are also available for children with or without extra needs, so that they can have a good night’s sleep. We have variety of options to keep everybody happy!

What Do You Want from Your Mattress?

Just like everybody is different, so are our needs and preferences. Maybe you sleep well on a soft mattress, or maybe a harder feel type. Either way we have a mattress than can warrant your comfort. Our range of mattresses from our multiple suppliers, which include Dream World, Fitzwilliam, Natural Sleep, Royal Coil, and Tonedale have a variety for you to browse and choose from to enjoy better nights.

Your Mattress Is Your Pride, So Show It Off!

We cannot leave you sleeping with your brand-new mattress on the floor or an old bed when we have an assortment of bedframes that can pique your interest. Maybe you’re just in search of a whole new bed. Either way, from day beds with trundles to king sized beds, you will not run out of options to choose from. We have divans, wooden, upholstered, storage, single, double, king and bunk beds in stock for any need or preferred style!


Delivery To you

Upon choosing your beds or mattresses at the bottom of the products details page, the delivery expected time is displayed in Product Details tab. Your delivery will be calculated in your Shopping Cart once your address details are captured, from there your price depends on the zone in which you live in: Zone 1 being €30 and Zone 2 being €45. See the Zone map to see where you live to get an idea of delivery cost.

Why Not Start Through Humm?

If you don’t already know what the deal with Humm is, let me give you a crash course. Humm is an interest-free/low interest repayment plan for customers who wish to buy products that can’t be purchased in one go. This means, if approved, Humm allows you to buy your furniture now and lets you pay later in small installments over the course of a few (to several) months, so that your pocket isn’t feeling the pinch buying something much needed in your home!

We want you to look forward to your evenings and have a beautiful night’s rest, so don’t waste any more time and get browsing, a whole world of delightful sleep solutions awaits you!

Merry Christmas!

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